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Rating from student in NG11 0JJ: "Excellent"
Great tutor and gets on well with student

Rating from student in BR3 6LH: "Excellent"
My son really likes him. He's very encouraging and polite.

Rating from student in HA6 2XF: "Excellent"
Excellent tutor highly recommend him

Rating from student in CV7 7RA: "Excellent"
Russell is a very pleasant young man and my son is enjoying his tutoring with him. I would rate Russell as excellent.

Rating from student in DY1 3BU: "Excellent"
Wonderful Tutor with a real enthusiasm for Numeracy. My 15 yr old son found her tutoring very positive and interesting.I wish we had found this tutor 6 months ago.I would highly recommend her.She was very knowledgeable.

Rating from student in DA15 8BY: "Excellent"
Vasileios has a great understanding not only of the underlying maths which I need to learn but also its application in financial services which is very useful.

Rating from student in W11 1QG: "Excellent"
Very patient and a great tutor

Rating from student in BR4 0BD: "Excellent"
Lovely lady and works really hard - she has made a huge difference to our daughter's understanding of Maths.

Rating from student in LE5 1LN: "Excellent"
He has given my daughter so much confidence in her maths. I have already noticed a big difference in her work.

Rating from student in E2 0JG: "Very Good"
I think that she's a really good tutor and teaches fantastically.

Rating from student in DY1 3BU: "Excellent"
Excellent Tutor so enthusiastic. Would like to have found her 12 months earlier to support my son.

Rating from student in IP4 5UF: "Excellent"
Very happy with Liz and very happy to recommend

Rating from student in W2 2TD: "Very Good"
The tutor is very good and my son is learning with him

Rating from student in CR8 3QP: "Excellent"
Great tutor with helpful resources. Lessons had to stop due to location. Highly recommendable

Rating from student in CM3 7AH: "Excellent"
explained things very well to my son, very thorough, would highly recommend

Rating from student in GL5 1RD: "Excellent"
Richard is excellent and really engages my son and is really helping him.

Rating from student in RH3 7AW: "Excellent"
Always on time and helpful

Rating from student in CO4 5FY: "Excellent"
My son is extremely happy and gaining in confidence, this is in part due to Bob's patient and pleasant manner and excellent teaching methods - he is fantastic

Rating from student in B31 4BA: "Excellent"
Excellent great tutor clear instructions prompt arrrival good comunication would highly recomend and would use again

Rating from student in DA8 3AW: "Excellent"
My daughter finds him very helpful

Rating from student in RH20 1FJ: "Excellent"
Very impressed, explains the topics clearly and carefully. My son is very happy with her.Would recommend.

Rating from student in W3 9QB: "Excellent"
Very friendly and put my child at ease quickly

Rating from student in DY8 5HL: "Excellent"
extremely please with Alan he has helped my daughter achieve better results in her maths. Cannot thank him enough

Rating from student in WS3 4NU: "Excellent"
Very pleased

Rating from student in NG11 0JJ: "Excellent"
David has been excellent and would strongly recommend him to others

Rating from student in NG11 0JJ: "Excellent"
Really impressed with David. He made learning fun and easy to understand. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating

Rating from student in WV6 9HX: "Excellent"
Very professional ,capable ,personable and committed to teaching.We are confident Chris will help our daughter to achieve her best.

Rating from student in UB2 4LU: "Excellent"
Very thorough. Provides excellent resources to assist with teaching. Provides a lot of good encouragement. I am already feeling more confident with units I was not previously comfortable with.

Rating from student in IP3 0QR: "Excellent"
she has helped my daughter a lot with her maths and i have seen a big improvement in her maths since having liz.

Rating from student in BN3 4GJ: "Very Good"
Very reliable my son gets on well with Naomi

Rating from student in NG12 4FT: "Very Good"
Maddie has gained confidence since Andrew has been working with her.

Rating from student in LE5 1LN: "Excellent"

Rating from student in RH20 1FJ: "Excellent"
Very pleased with Kerina's continued tuition.

Rating from student in SE5 7HT: "Very Good"
well this lady she was very good

Rating from student in CR4 3DA: "Excellent"
Excellent tutor! She is able to teach in a way that makes Maths seem "easy"! After one lesson I feel confident in tackling mathematical questions. I was very nervous at the start of the lesson, however Abebukola made me feel comfortable.

Rating from student in RH20 1FJ: "Excellent"
Kerina's tuition and support continue to be much appreciated.

Rating from student in N22 7BD: "Excellent"
Very pleased will definatly recommend

Rating from student in WS3 4NU: "Very Good"
Once a fortnight lessons required for 2hrs, two visits per month

Rating from student in RH16 4DB: "Very Good"
Gerry's tutoring seems to be working very well thank you.

Rating from student in SE17 2AQ: "Excellent"
Emanuela is a very good tutor who supports my child in a helpful and efficient way.

Rating from student in LA2 8QZ: "Excellent"
Excellent tuition that has made my son more confident with his A-level studies. Thank you

Rating from student in WA10 6JB: "Very Good"
Enthusiastic encouraging this reflects in my daughters attitude to maths

Patrick passed his exams and was awarded an academic scholarship. I am sure you enabled him to improve his maths mark by at least 20% between February and May.
Mrs A Palmer. Patrick was sitting the Common Entrance scholarship.
I passed the maths test. Thanks so much for your tutoring. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Mrs MN of Brighton, adult learner studying GCSE-level test to enrol in social sciences MSc.
Jake has passed his Common Entrance. We wanted to thank you sincerely for the your tuition which we feel was particularly helpful in converting his D grades into B grades and therefore success.
Mrs D Lytton. Jake was sitting the Common Entrance scholarship.
I have been so impressed with the tuition you have provided. The tutorials have been organised and throrough. You adjusted the pace of learning to suit me perfectly. We have covered in detail the areas that gave me trouble and thanks to you, I now have a better grasp of the subject and feel well prepared for my exams in January.
Miss F B . Fiona was an A level student taking C3 and C4 modules.
We were thrilled with the maths tuition that my daughter has had. You are so patient and calm with my daughter Magenta - her confidence in maths has improved dramatically. I highly recommend you.
Mrs S Ingle. Magenta is studying GCSE maths.
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the QTS skills test today and to thank you for all of your help. I could not have done it without your guidance.
Shelley McCabe. Trainee teacher sitting QTS numeracy test.