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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Private Tutor?

Education has never been more important. The more schooling a child has now, the better career options they'll enjoy in later life. Even so, all but the most gifted of children struggle with learning at some point in their studies, it's perfectly natural! In several key ways, private tuition can help to boost a child's love of learning and set them on the road to success.

Fully customised lessons

Children learn at different speeds.

In a class of over 30 pupils, this can put slower leaners at a significant disadvantage. Private tuition solves this by adjusting the pace, focus and goals of any learning programme to suit the unique needs and abilities of the individual student. Equally, if your child has a learning disorder, a talented tutor will be able to deliver a learning experience that helps them to see any subject from a fresh and beneficial perspective.

Confidence building

School is full of distractions. From the behaviour of others to competing for the teacher's attention, schools can sometimes be a difficult place to learn. One-to-one support helps to eliminate these distractions by providing students with the tutor's undivided attention. In turn, this gives children a better chance of building the confidence needed to learn subjects they might otherwise be struggling with.

More interesting and engaging forms of study

School lessons can often be highly structured or scripted. As a result, some students might struggle to digest information that doesn't immediately grab their attention. Private tuition usually has a less formal approach than most class-based education, meaning tutors are free to explore the methods that prove more effective and/or interesting. By setting goals that strike the right balance between challenging and attainable, tutors are also more likely to prevent students from becoming bored.

Exam success boost

English school children are among the most tested in the world. From a very young age, the pressure on children to perform is massive. By the time students reach GCSE age, the results of examinations have very real implications on their hopes for further education and future career options. Hiring a tutor can provide the tools your child needs to achieve their absolute best. From special techniques that can help with revision to tips and tricks for coping with stress, a private tutor can make a massive difference when it matters the most.

Broadening your child's education

At school, children learn a set number of subjects to a strict curriculum. This leaves limited scope to delve deeper into any subject children develop a passion for. Conversely, private tutors can pick up from where teachers are forced to stop. If your child wants to explore a subject in more detail, a tutor is someone that can guide them in a way they find exciting, inspiring and enjoyable.

To prevent summer learning loss

A recent article published by The Telegraph revealed that over half of parents want a shorter summer holiday to prevent their children's academic abilities declining during the six-week break. Left to their own devices, and with no set homework to keep them busy over the summer, most children are unlikely to turn to their text books. However, hiring a tutor during the holidays can help students close learning gaps and perform at a higher level during the school year.

You can choose the right teacher

Everyone remembers their favourite teacher. The truth is students respond better to a teacher they like, who understands them and explains things in a style that suits their needs. Children generally don't get to choose who teaches them at school but when it comes to picking a private tutor, you and your child wield all the power.

Maths Tutors 4 Me can help

Our tutors have helped thousands of students to boost their confidence and achieve the grades they need. From KS1 right through to degree level, we can put you in touch with subject specialist tutors that are available in your area. When you use our service, we email you a free list of tutors so you can contact them yourself if you like them.

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