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Benefits of Becoming a Private Tutor

Despite needing a PGCE to teach in many UK schools, there's no law stopping you from using your specialist knowledge to become a private tutor. To work with us, you'll need the minimum of a relevant degree and an Enhanced DBS/CRB certificate. After that, you're free to start enjoying the following perks of this amazing job.

It's rewarding

Making a positive impact on someone's life is hugely rewarding. As a private tutor, you get to figure out how to unlock the potential of your students. The feeling of seeing them grasp a subject after struggling, or achieve an exam grade they didn't think possible, and knowing you were a massive part of the reason, is truly priceless.

You can be your own boss

Private tutors are self-employed. Within reason, this gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the hours that suit you. A recent YouGov survey revealed that more than half of teachers are considering quitting their jobs, citing a heavy workload as one of the main reasons. For teaching professionals, this means a switch to tutoring offers the chance to create a better work-life balance.

It's a good way to boost or supplement earnings

You can earn good money becoming a private tutor. The exact amount will depend on where you're based, your specialist subject, qualifications, and the level you're teaching at. However, if you tick all the boxes, you can expect to earn anywhere between £23 and £33 per hour. This makes private tuition a great way to either boost or supplement your current earnings.

It provides great experience for trainee teachers

After finishing your degree, tutoring privately can help you gain vital experience on the path to completing your PGCE and becoming a teacher. For one, it looks fantastic on your CV when applying for your first full-time position. And two, it offers a great way to sharpen the communication and interpersonal skills you'll need to make your career a success.

Putting your degree to good use

Full-time teaching isn't for everyone, but if you're still not sure what you want to do after leaving university, becoming a private tutor allows you to put your degree-based knowledge to good use. Between graduating and finding your long-term career path, tutoring allows you to put your skills into practice and make all that advanced learning seem more worth it.

Low expenses

The initial overheads for setting up business as a home tutor are relatively low. You won't need to create a dedicated learning space or set up an office. In fact, all you'll need to get started is the right text books, stationery and some travel money. This, combined with the competitive hourly rates, makes private tutoring an attractive prospect.

There's plenty of demand

In 2012, the Daily Telegraph reported that the UK spends £6 billion a year on private tuition. The pressure on children to do well in exams is growing, which means that figure has likely increased in the past five years. With more parents turning to extra tutoring for help, the market is always crying out for more private tutors to fulfil demand.

We can help get you started

If you have the relevant skills and qualifications, becoming a private tutor is simple. At Maths Tutors 4 Me, we help thousands of students find tutors in their area. As a tutor, you decide your hours, where you work and your rates; we do all the advertising. Once you're in business, you collect the lesson fees from your students. Find out more about how you can start making money as a private tutor here, or enrol here as a Maths Tutors 4 Me tutor today.