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New Cross, Anywhere, Zoverseas SE14 5QB.
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Anywhere, , Zoverseas, London, Manchester

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Approach to Teaching

"I hold a doctorate in Mathematics from the University of East Anglia and have collaborated with academics to develop the field while honing a range of skills such as academic writing and giving talks. I also have experience in community education, having worked as a part-time SEN teacher of Mathematics for a year where I taught GCSE and pre-GCSE material to young adults with learning difficulties. I have taught Mathematics to diverse communities in London, including predominantly Afro-Caribbean pupils in South and North London, Asian pupils in East London, and refugees in North London. I've also taught white working class and middle-class pupils in the East End and Surrey, respectively. My teaching experience includes Key Stage 3 and 4 at The Archbishop Michael Ramsey Technology College, a challenging school where I developed and improved my classroom management skills. I also taught at Coombe Girls' School in Surrey, a Beacon school where I focused on developing my teaching style and using skilful questioning in class discussions to elicit pupils' understanding. As a full-time teacher at The Royal Docks Community School in East London, I taught KS3 and KS4 Mathematics, designed exams, taught Foundation GCSE, and assessed coursework. I also offered pastoral and academic guidance to pupils and parents. At A-level, I taught pure maths, statistics, and mechanics at Crossways Academy and DLD College London. I encouraged able students to attend the Maths Club to stretch their thinking and prepare for various UKMT competitions. As a Year 13 Personal Tutor, I've honed my skills in writing first-rate UCAS references that show my tutees in the best possible light. I've also worked as an examiner for Key Stage 3 SATS, O-level and A-level for Cambridge International Examination board, and recently become an A-level examiner for Pearson Edexcel. I currently work as an online private tutor of maths."

Hourly Charges

Maths KS2 Key Stage 2£60
Maths KS3 Key Stage 3£60
Maths KS3 11+£60
Maths KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£60
Maths KS3 Common Entrance£60
Maths GCSE GCSE Foundation£60
Maths GCSE GCSE Higher£60
Maths GCSE QTS Numeracy£60
Maths A Level AS Maths£60
Maths A Level A Level Maths£60
Maths A Level AS Further Maths£60
Maths A Level A Level Further Maths£60
Maths A Level AS Statistics£60
Maths A Level A Level Statistics£60

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Teaching Experience

Experienced Tutor with 19 years experience.

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* PGCE Secondary Education (Mathematics), UCL Institute of Education
* PhD Mathematics, University of East Anglia (UEA)
* BSc (Hons) Mathematics First Class, University of East Anglia (UEA)

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

Holds Qualified Teacher Status or an equivalent such as IfL.
The General Teaching Council awards QTS to those qualified to teach in state schools.

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure issued on 19/08/19

Enhanced DBS checks are designed for people in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. DBS used to be known as CRB.


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Vijay has provided us with these testimonials:
Written by Helen K: A very attentive tutor... Vijay has supported me with the statistical element of my dissertation and given me guidance on formulating descriptive statistics too. Prompt response and very helpful. Big thank you to Vijay! Outcome: The outcome is that I am now confident to complete the statistical results section of my dissertation.
Written by Sharon P A very professional & committed Tutor... Vijay has shown his professionalism, during the period that he spent helping our son, D with Maths. He was dedicated in showing him the methods for working out difficult Maths sums. He was able to boost Ds confidence when solving Maths questions and helping him with preparations for Maths test. Outcome: As a result, Vijay has contributed in helping D receive an A* for his GCSE Maths exams! Very good effort! So thank you Vijay, for all your help! Well done!
Written by Helen G: Calm consistent excellent... It has been such a pleasure to have calm , consistent, patient help for my daughter. No fuss just quiet and excellent tuition. He has a genuine interest and understanding of the subject, and thorough experience of the curriculum and exam boards. My daughter really benefitted and her understanding of maths developed and her confidence grew. Vijay was very student centred, would take home difficult questions and return to explain. We will miss him! Outcome: My daughter got an A, and only a few marks off an A*.
Written by Mariame C: Very nice and helpful... He explains math very well and know what he is doing Subject: Maths (GCSE) Outcome: We will be continuing his lessons
Written by Rachel P: Reference for Vijay... As a mature student retraining to be a teacher, I required a tutor to help me refresh my maths knowledge to GCSE level. I was very impressed that Vijay took time to investigate the specific exam that I was required to take and was thoroughly prepared for our sessions. He was organised, reliable and extremely calm. He modelled methods thoroughly and took time to go over areas that I found difficult. He set homework which further supported our sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Vijay as a tutor and believe that his calm manner would equip him to teach students of any age. Subject: Maths Outcome: As a result of Vijays tutoring, I passed my exam and am now a qualified teacher myself.
Written by Ola A: Vijay is an amazing teacher. He tutored my daughter, gave her tips and suggestions to get maximum marks. I found Vijay to be an excellent tutor and very knowledgeable on EdExcel GCSE Syllabus. He is capable of explaining in a clear and concise manner. Outcome: Vijay tutored my daughter for about 8 weeks to prepare. Her confidence grew and she passed with ease.
Written by Purnima A: Vijay has tutored my son A level maths for nearly a year which included teaching hard topics such as C4 to my son. Vijay has made maths a lot easier for my son to understand and had allowed him to become more confident in A level maths. He is a very punctual tutor who always arrives on time and genuinely cares about his students. Outcome: My son is more confident about his ability in Maths and is hoping to achieve an A.
Written by Aida S: Vijay is a patient and effective tutor with whom our son managed to build a good rapport and show progress. I would definitely recommend Vijay. Subject: Common Entrance Maths. Outcome: I would definitely recommend Vijay.
Written by Paul T: Vijay is a clear communicator, who was patient and increased my confidence in maths. I enjoyed my lessons, too. Outcome: Improved performance in A level mocks
Written by Aida S: Excellent tutor and coach - to the (Westminster) Challenge level and beyond. We have had great experience with Vijay especially in the run up for the exams. His calm and professional approach prepared our son for the rigorous Challenge exam where he did very well in maths. I dont know how Vijay does it but you can see tangible results straight away. Subject: Westminster Scholarship (The Challenge) Maths Outcome: I would recommend Vijay without any reservations. (Grade A in both papers and Exhibition awarded)
Written by Annette P: Vijay has been an incredible Maths tutor (A level) for my son and I would recommend him without hesitation. He is patient, thorough, great at explaining and thought provoking. My sons predicted A level grade went from a D to a B in 8 months. Hes just finished his exams so wont know final grade until August. Whatever the outcome, one of the most important changes for me was seeing the improved confidence in my son. He went from doubting himself to believing he could do really well. Outcome: Improved confidence. Predicted grade went from a D to a B. Final results still to be confirmed.
Written by John B: Vijay was a very good teacher for our daughter Yasmina who raised several grades for her Maths Edexcel (Higher) ensuring she was able to have a high enough pass at Maths to do her choice of A-Levels. Vijay is an excellent teacher who gave Yasmina the confidence to do well explaining things well and making good use of past papers. Outcome: Raised her December mock grades in Maths Edexcel to a 5 (3 grades up) grades up ensuring she has a good pass.
Written by Jade E: Hi All Fellow Learners, I am a South African finishing my degree long distance from the UK. I was desperate for help with stats! As I had never done maths. Everything was new to me. Thank goodness I found Vijay. He was patient and calm. He explained everything in a simple way. He also prepared for our lessons, which saved loads of time. He made suggestions on which calculator to use and trained and taught me how to use it and apply everything I learnt in the exam. Most of all I appreciated him following up by text on how I was progressing, his messages before and after my exam were also appreciated. I fully recommend Vijay as he is a competent tutor who goes out of his way for his students. Statistics - I passed my module with a distinction, 78%! Best of luck to all!
Written by Kirenjeet K: Vijay taught Himat my son from year 10. He struggled with maths due to his Dyslexia for years. Vijay was patient with him and elevated his understanding of Math. He was a grade 3, by the end of year 11 mocks he attained a 7 in GCSE. Outcome: Himat no longer had a fear of maths and now is confident of his abilities. All thanks to Vijay. I highly recommend him he is now teaching my younger son.
Written by Tracey B: Vijay did a great job tutoring my son over six months preparing him for his Maths GCSE. He was prompt, patient and very professional. He worked around my sons class schedule when needed and targeted any areas my son needed to improve. Vijay switched to online tutoring when it was no longer possible to travel to our home and continued to maintain the weekly sessions, which were a great support. Outcome: Great result (level 7), passed with flying colours. I would happily recommend Vijay to anyone who needs a maths tutor.
Written by Monica L: Vijay is a highly competent Maths teacher and I can attest to this as he has successfully helped me achieve the grades I want. Vijay explains concepts thoroughly; making complex ideas very easy to grasp. He also has different methods of solving problems which is very helpful as students will have their own preferences. He is extremely patient, encouraging and professional - he can identify weak points and can cater to his students needs to help them reach their maximum potential. I highly recommend Vijay to anyone who needs a Math tutor because he goes out of his way for his students! Outcome: A* for A-Level Mathematics - couldnt have done it without his excellent teaching!
Written by Athena M: Vijay is a teacher who always motivates his students. He also has his own impressive methods to teach. Overall, I strongly recommend to have lessons with Vijay. Outcome: He helped me to achieve an A* in Mathematics.
Written by Anonymous P: Vijay is an excellent tutor. He turns up on time and is always prepared. He helped my daughter prepare for the 11+ and she was offered academic scholarships at all the schools to which she had applied. This would not have been possible without Vijay‘s help. Vijay is also now helping my son with further maths so his teaching skills are way beyond 11+ albeit he is able to relate to that stage very well. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him. Outcome: Academic scholarships from 3 private schools.

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