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Newington, Westminster, London SE1 6EG.
Tutor of Maths, Chemistry, Science, French and Physics

Westminster, Wimbledon, East Finchley, Richmond, Streatham, Chislehurst, London

Photo Not AvailableSabrina travels up to 10 miles from SE1 6EG

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Approach to Teaching

"My qualifications prove my interest for Science and Maths and my grades show that I am driven by success at high standards. When I was in France I was tutoring pupils in Maths, Physics and French according to the French curriculum. Then after moving to London to study I also familiarised myself with the English and International curriculum in order to continue my tutoring activities. As part of my PhD I was assisting lecturers during their tutorials in Maths and Physics to help undergraduate and MSc students. I also was a laboratory demonstrator in Physics and I was in charge of the marking of their work (lab reports). The experience thereby gained made me realise my passion for teaching Maths and Science. I have been a Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor for more than a decade and I am very passionate about helping students understand and discover Maths and Science as interesting and easy subjects. I offered my services (one-to-one and group tuition) to several private tutoring companies in London where I was in charge of GCSE, AS- and A2-level intensive revision classes in Physics and Maths (Edexcel, AQA and OCR/OCR MEI) during half-terms. I have now been a full-time professional tutor for 6 years helping KS and MYP pupils, GCSE (and IGCSE) and GCE (and IB) students in Maths, Further Maths, FSMQ Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry and French. I also offer support to undergraduates and postgraduates students, 7+, 11+, QTS and Common Entrance postulants. Finally I have been helping students prepare the PAT (Physics Aptitude Test) entry exam at Oxford. I am very patient and attentive to the needs of the students so that we can attain their goals. My priority is their achievements and success."

Hourly Charges

Maths KS1 Key Stage 1£75
Maths KS2 Key Stage 2£75
Maths KS3 Key Stage 3£75
Maths KS3 11+£75
Maths KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£75
Maths KS3 Common Entrance£75
Maths GCSE GCSE Foundation£75
Maths GCSE GCSE Higher£75
Maths GCSE QTS Numeracy£75
Maths A Level AS Maths£75
Maths A Level A Level Maths£75
Maths A Level AS Further Maths£75
Maths A Level A Level Further Maths£75
Maths A Level AS Statistics£75
Maths A Level A Level Statistics£75
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Maths Studies£75
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Standard£75
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Higher£75
Maths A Level STEP Sixth Term Exam Paper£75
Maths Degree £75
Chemistry KS3 Key Stage 3£75
Chemistry GCSE £75
Chemistry A Level £75
Combined Science KS3 Key Stage 3£75
Combined Science GCSE £75
Combined Science A Level £75
French KS3 Key Stage 3£75
French GCSE £75
French A Level £75
Physics KS3 Key Stage 3£75
Physics GCSE £75
Physics A Level £75
Physics Degree £75

Extra Charges for Travel etc

- I may ask to cover my travel expenses if the student's location is not covered by my travel card (outside Zone Fare 1-2). - Sunday's sessions will be charged at an extra £5 per hour. - A-level lessons are an extra £5 per hour. - Degree level lessons are an extra £25 per hour.




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Teaching Experience

Experienced Tutor with 10 years experience.

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* BSc in Physics (Institut Galilee, Paris and Kings College London, graduated with First)
* MSc in Nanotechnology Engineering (Kings College London, graduated with Distinction)
* PhD in Physics (final year)

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure issued on 24/01/20

Enhanced DBS checks are designed for people in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. DBS used to be known as CRB.


Average rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 247 lessons.

Student 2270914: "Excellent. Sabrina has been very helpful and friendly"

Student 2270773: "Excellent. "

Student 2268078: "Excellent. "

Student 2266624: "Excellent. "

Student 2265592: "Excellent. Done two more since - an excellent teacher!"

Student 2265281: "Excellent. A Fantastic Tutor "

Student 2260712: "Excellent. Great tutor, exactly what we were looking for!"

Student 2246950: "Excellent. Fantastic tutor and highly organised,helped so much already!"

Student 2246412: "Excellent. "

Student 2243457: "Excellent. Sabrina is a excellent maths tutor,I had Sabrina for several months now and feel my son has developed a better understanding of maths.Sabrina has lots of patience and makes sure that my son understands the maths tasks set for him by asking him questions and showing how he has worked this out.She has a no nonsense attitude and takes her teaching very seriously.Over all Im very happy with Sabrinas teaching and look forward to the maths sessions with my son each week.I would strongly recommend Sab"

Student 2242957: "Excellent. Sabrina has just stated tutoring my son aged 15 and he seems to be responding well and actually looking forward to the sessions. She responds to his needs and deals with the areas that he is struggling with and has past papers and information with her to help (on an iPad which goes down well with a 15 yr old boy!) she is prompt and efficient and it seems to be going well. "

Student 2241940: "Excellent. Sabrina is a fantastic tutor, she is super helpful, super reliable and a pleasure to have around. She is always punctual, gets straight to work, makes the tuition fun and very effective and strengthens confidence. I would highly recommend Sabrina to anyone."

Student 2238674: "Excellent. Sabrina was absolutely fantastic. She was extremely professional, but warm and kind at the same time. Carmen Dibb"

Student 227102: "Excellent. Though its quite hard to arrange our schedule to her and sometimes she missed the appointment without telling to us . But she is excellent with what she is teaching and we appreciate it very much."

Student 226309: "Excellent.Sabrina sounded nice person on phone and promissed to come and teach my daughter few times but she did not turn up. She might had difficulty that time and could not come but after waiting few weeks for her, we arranged other teachers and we are happy with them. She did not answer her phone calls when we rang her while waiting for her for some reason. She said it was due to the difficult situations at her home when she contacted us somehow when she got time. I wish good luck to her teaching ca"

Student 223565: "Excellent. "

Student 223565: "Excellent.Lovely lady and works really hard - she has made a huge difference to our daughter's understanding of Maths. "

Student 111151: "Excellent.This is to certify that Sabrina has been tutoring my daughter Jameela over the past year in Mathematics. During this year Sabrina has proved to be dedicated, knowledgeable and incredibly focused on her job. My daughter has shown a significant improvement in her grades obtained in Maths class. In particular she has managed to impart a sense of achievement, encouragement and self-confidence in my daughter. I have no hesitation in recommending Sabrina to any job she would apply for in the future. "

Student 2246640: "Very Good. Enthusiastic and very positive in her approach. Children like her teaching style. "

Student 227095: "Very Good. Sabrina is a dedicated tutor and is really helpful in her ways. "

Student 223498: "Very Good. I think that she's a really good tutor and teaches fantastically. "

Student 222415: "Very Good. "

Student 2259356: "Good. "

Student 223498: "Good. Sabrina's not my tutor any more. I only had two tuition lessons with her.She left because she couldn't make it on time, most of the time. "

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