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Littleover, Derby DE23 4AZ.
Tutor of Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Science

Andrew travels up to 10 miles from DE23 4AZ

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Approach to Teaching

"I am a University undergraduate with a first in BSc Theoretical Physics from Durham University. I have a passion for maths and physics and in my spare time enjoy sports, playing the piano and reading. Over the past three years I have tutored four undergraduate students at Durham University in both Maths and Physics modules in their various degrees. In addition to this, I have helped my younger sister to gain an A* in her maths GCSE and more recently through her maths A-level, for which she is predicted an A*. Furthermore, I have experience working with younger children through the scouting association, where I volunteered as a leader of a scouts group. I am a very patient, hard-working tutor who will try my best to adapt my teaching style to the individual tutee. I believe maths in particular is a subject many people struggle with, but with the right help and understanding of fundamental principles the concepts may be grasped by anybody willing to listen and learn. I have a very methodical way of tutoring; as GCSE and A-level courses are usually already well split up into sections it is very easy to identify the areas that the student needs particular help with. I find that with maths at school the student is often taught a reflex solution to a specific problem, and is able to answer recognisable questions with it without actually understanding whats going on. In these situations the student is often dropping marks that he or she is perfectly capable of getting already, just inexperienced in applying their knowledge to surprising exam situations where the style of the question is different to what the student is used to answering. In times like these a simple breaking down of the concepts involved is often sufficient in boosting a students performance and increasing their ability in exams."

Hourly Charges

Maths KS1 Key Stage 1£15
Maths KS2 Key Stage 2£15
Maths KS3 Key Stage 3£15
Maths KS3 11+£15
Maths KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£15
Maths KS3 Common Entrance£15
Maths GCSE GCSE Foundation£15
Maths GCSE GCSE Higher£15
Maths GCSE QTS Numeracy£15
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Maths Studies£15
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Standard£15
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Higher£15
Maths Degree £20
Biology KS3 Key Stage 3£15
Biology GCSE £15
Biology A Level £15
Biology Degree £20
Chemistry KS3 Key Stage 3£15
Chemistry GCSE £15
Chemistry A Level £15
Chemistry Degree £20
Combined Science KS3 Key Stage 3£15
Combined Science GCSE £15
Combined Science A Level £15

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* Durham University, First Class BSc Theoretical Physics (2009-2013)

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure

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