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Farnham Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey GU9 0DL.
Tutor of Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Science, English, Geography, History, IT/ICT and Physics

Farnham, Guildford, Farnborough, Aldershot, Fleet, Hook, Surrey, Hampshire

Photo Not AvailableMartin travels up to 5 miles from GU9 0DL

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Approach to Teaching

"Experienced IT trainer & academic Home Tutor (Maths/ICT/Science/English). Maths/Computer Science/Education university graduate. Excellent interpersonal skills and technical knowledge. DBS (CRB). Full references are available."

Hourly Charges

Maths KS1 Key Stage 1£35
Maths KS2 Key Stage 2£36
Maths KS3 Key Stage 3£37
Maths KS3 11+£37
Maths KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£37
Maths KS3 Common Entrance£37
Maths GCSE GCSE Foundation£40
Maths GCSE GCSE Higher£40
Maths GCSE QTS Numeracy£40
Maths A Level AS Maths£45
Maths A Level A Level Maths£45
Maths A Level AS Further Maths£45
Maths A Level A Level Further Maths£45
Maths A Level AS Statistics£45
Maths A Level A Level Statistics£45
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Maths Studies£45
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Standard£45
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Higher£45
Maths A Level STEP Sixth Term Exam Paper£45
Biology KS3 Key Stage 3£37
Chemistry KS3 Key Stage 3£37
Combined Science KS3 Key Stage 3£37
Combined Science GCSE £40
English KS3 Key Stage 3£37
English KS3 11+£37
English KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£37
English KS3 Common Entrance£37
English GCSE £40
English GCSE QTS Literacy£40
English GCSE English for Speakers of Other Languages£40
Geography KS3 Key Stage 3£37
History KS3 Key Stage 3£37
IT/ICT KS3 Key Stage 3£37
IT/ICT A Level £45
Physics KS3 Key Stage 3£37
Physics GCSE £40
Physics A Level £45

Extra Charges for Travel etc

50p per mile.


50% off for each extra student.


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Teaching Experience

Experienced Tutor with 10 years experience.

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* BSc Maths & Computer Science, Aston University

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure issued on 19/10/16

Enhanced DBS checks are designed for people in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. DBS used to be known as CRB.


Average rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 60 lessons.

Student 2276340: "Excellent. I could not have asked for a nicer, more patient tutor. Martin was more than happy to cover whatever aspects of maths were troubling me and thanks to his tuition I have passed the numeracy QTS skills test. "

Student 2270258: "Excellent. Mr is a wonderful, patient tutor. Has inspired my son and changed his outlook on maths completely positive. "

Student 2260361: "Excellent. It was the first lesson my son had with Martin and he liked him very much. We hope to be able to arrange future lessons with him. "

Student 2267365: "Very Good. "


Martin has provided us with these testimonials:
My daughter has had her first Maths lesson with Martin who is charming, Leah felt very comfortable with his style of teaching and is looking forward to her next lesson. A real asset and we are glad we found him. Thank you.
(A-Level Maths) Martin has been a huge help to our daughter preparing for her AS level maths. He was encouraging from the outset and gave our daughter confidence whilst focusing on areas which she identified as her weak points. She found him very jolly and felt at ease immediately. We are very grateful to Martin.
(GCSE Combined Science) Ive been really pleased with Martins work with my son. He is tutoring him in triple science and my son has commented on how Martin is really interested and knowledgeable on the subject. He said that he gets the impression Martin watches science documentaries for a hobby so has interesting examples to explain the subject and the two seem to chat very comfortably together through the class. My son seems to be really enjoying the sessions and Martin manages to keep my sons focus and attention for the whole time. Martin seems really well prepared, is very professional in his approach and gives relevant homework each week.

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