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Elliman, Slough, Berkshire SL1 3SH.
Tutor of Maths, Accountancy, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Science, Economics, English, Geography, IT/ICT and Physics

Slough, Hayes, Maidenhead, Windsor, , Berkshire, Middlesex

Tutor Location
Nas travels up to 5 miles from SL1 3SH

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Approach to Teaching

"Highly experienced and qualified professional, having diverse work and training experience in engineering and training domains. I have 15 years of work experience which includes teaching and training to a wide variety of learners. For UK KS 1-5, 11+, GCSE & A Levels, I have developed specialist tutoring and progress packages through national curriculum which meet the student needs and their academic level at school."

Hourly Charges

Maths KS1 Key Stage 1£15
Maths KS2 Key Stage 2£15
Maths KS3 Key Stage 3£20
Maths KS3 11+£20
Maths KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£20
Maths KS3 Common Entrance£20
Maths GCSE GCSE Foundation£20
Maths GCSE GCSE Higher£25
Maths GCSE QTS Numeracy£25
Maths A Level AS Maths£35
Maths A Level A Level Maths£35
Maths A Level AS Further Maths£35
Maths A Level A Level Further Maths£35
Maths A Level AS Statistics£40
Maths A Level A Level Statistics£40
Maths A Level Core 1£30
Maths A Level Core 2£30
Maths A Level Core 3£30
Maths A Level Core 4£30
Maths A Level Decision (Discrete) 1£30
Maths A Level Decision (Discrete) 2£35
Maths A Level Further Pure 1£35
Maths A Level Further Pure 2£35
Maths A Level Further Pure 3£35
Maths A Level Mechanics 1£35
Maths A Level Mechanics 2£35
Maths A Level Mechanics 3£35
Maths A Level Mechanics 4£35
Maths A Level Mechanics 5£35
Maths A Level Statistics 1£40
Maths A Level Statistics 2£40
Maths A Level Statistics 3£40
Maths A Level Statistics 4£40
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Maths Studies£40
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Standard£40
Maths A Level Intl Bacc Higher£40
Maths A Level STEP Sixth Term Exam Paper£40
Maths Degree £40
Accountancy GCSE £35
Accountancy A Level £40
Accountancy Degree £45
Biology KS3 Key Stage 3£35
Biology GCSE £35
Biology A Level £35
Biology Degree £40
Business Studies GCSE £30
Business Studies A Level £35
Business Studies Degree £40
Chemistry KS3 Key Stage 3£35
Chemistry GCSE £30
Chemistry A Level £35
Chemistry Degree £40
Combined Science KS3 Key Stage 3£40
Combined Science GCSE £35
Combined Science A Level £40
Economics GCSE £35
Economics A Level £35
Economics Degree £40
English KS3 Key Stage 3£30
English KS3 11+£30
English KS3 Common Academic Scholarship Exam£30
English KS3 Common Entrance£30
English GCSE £35
English GCSE QTS Literacy£35
English GCSE English for Speakers of Other Languages£35
English A Level £35
English Degree £40
Geography KS3 Key Stage 3£30
Geography GCSE £30
Geography A Level £35
IT/ICT KS3 Key Stage 3£30
IT/ICT A Level £35
Physics KS3 Key Stage 3£30
Physics GCSE £30
Physics A Level £35
Physics Degree £40

Extra Charges for Travel etc

£5 for travelling more than 5 mile


For example "10% off for 2 students as siblings. Also 20% discount on sessions of more than one hour.


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Teaching Experience

Experienced Tutor with 2 years experience.

Which certificates have we checked

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* BEng Hons - Mechanical Engineering - Brunel University - UK

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

This tutor does NOT have Qualified Teacher Status.

The General Teaching Council awards QTS to those qualified to teach in state schools.

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Disclosure

This tutor was issued an Enhanced DBS Disclosure on 11/11/15

Enhanced DBS checks are designed for people in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. DBS used to be known as CRB.


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