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QTS Numeracy tests

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About QTS Numeracy Tests

Trainees starting an initial teacher training course must pass the QTS skills tests before starting their course. This includes a numeracy test. You can take the test up to three times. After the third failed attempt, you must wait two years before trying again.

The numeracy test covers a subset of GCSE Maths. Read more about the syllabus of the numeracy test.

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Students' Comments

Mrs GK of B1 xxx says:

Extremely helpful and accommodating. Guy works at a pace that is comfortable for my son and he provides clear and easy to follow explanations of the various maths formulae. My son has now got back his enthusiasm and confidence for the subject. I just wish we had known to use Guy earlier.
Mr PN of NN2 xxx says:

Lovely lady and works really hard - she has made a huge difference to our daughters understanding of Maths.
Mr SW of LS13 xxx says:

Wonderful Tutor with a real enthusiasm for Numeracy. My 15 yr old son found her tutoring very positive and interesting. I wish we had found this tutor 6 months ago. I would highly recommend her. She was very knowledgeable.