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QTS Numeracy tests

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About QTS Numeracy Tests

Trainees starting an initial teacher training course must pass the QTS skills tests before starting their course. This includes a numeracy test. You can take the test up to three times. After the third failed attempt, you must wait two years before trying again.

The numeracy test covers a subset of GCSE Maths. Read more about the syllabus of the numeracy test.

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Students' Comments

Ms LH of PR7 xxx says:

Saeed guided me towards passing a maths equivalencey test to get on to a PGCE course. I started from a very low base having not studied maths for nearly ten years but his wonderfully clear explanations and patience really made the difference. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a maths tutor.
Mrs OG of E4 xxx says:

Reza is very organised and very helpful and also asks challenging questions which makes me think more about maths rather than just the content for the exam. In just one month I can already see improvements in my work in terms of how I answer questions and check the answers. His style of tutoring is a mix of both exam questions and content which is really helpful especially for A-level.
Mr UM of SE15 xxx says:

Thomas was an amazing tutor and went out of his way to help our daughter with her maths. We would highly recommend him.