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Common Entrance Maths

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About Common Entrance Maths Exams

ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) sets examinations for students moving from junior (prep) to senior school at the ages of 11+ and 13+.

The syllabus is similar to Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum. There are three exams:
  • Common Entrance at 11+. This is not to be confused with the Grammar School 11+
  • Common Entrance at 13+
  • Common Academic Scholarship at 13+
You can download the syllabus for all three maths exams here.

These resources will help:

Students' Comments

Mr SW of LS13 xxx says:

Wonderful Tutor with a real enthusiasm for Numeracy. My 15 yr old son found her tutoring very positive and interesting. I wish we had found this tutor 6 months ago. I would highly recommend her. She was very knowledgeable.
Ms LH of PR7 xxx says:

What can I say? She was excellent! I was attempting my third and final go at the QTS numeracy skills test and constantly thinking <> The alternative had my stomach in knots.January and I worked through the skills test book and some online tests
Mr BT of NW4 xxx says:

Extremely competent tutor and lovely person:my daughter got on very well with Alay and gained her confidence back through his competent and reassuring approach. Alay managed to go over the entire IB Standard Maths programme in 10 sessions of two hours over the three weeks before Easter and to reinforce the areas that needed attention. My daughter has since been practising with the help of Alays notes and feels ready to sit her IB S Maths exams next week. We were very lucky to find Alay at short notice.