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A Level Maths

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About A Level Maths Exams

AS and A2

AS (Advanced Subsidiary) can be used as:
  • a final qualification. This allows students to broaden their learning and to delay specialisation
  • half of an Advanced Level qualification, which must be completed before an Advanced Level award can be made.
AS tests the first half of a full A Level. A2 tests the second half. To obtain a full A Level, you need an AS and an A2.

AS and A2 maths modules

The modules vary slightly between exam boards. Typically they are like this:
  • To obtain an AS, students select three of these modules
    • Core 1
    • Core 2
    • Statistics 1
    • Statistics 2
    • Mechanics 1
    • Decision (or Discrete) 1
    • Further Pure 1
  • To obtain an A2, students select three of these modules:
    • Core 3
    • Core 4
    • Statistics 3
    • Statistics 4
    • Mechanics 2
    • Mechanics 3
    • Mechanics 4
    • Mechanics 5
    • Decision (or Discrete) 2
    • Further Pure 2
    • Further Pure 3

Exam boards

State schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can choose from sevaral exam boards. You can obtain their maths past papers from here:

Students' Comments

Mr PN of NN2 xxx says:

Lovely lady and works really hard - she has made a huge difference to our daughters understanding of Maths.
Mr SW of LS13 xxx says:

Wonderful Tutor with a real enthusiasm for Numeracy. My 15 yr old son found her tutoring very positive and interesting. I wish we had found this tutor 6 months ago. I would highly recommend her. She was very knowledgeable.
Ms LH of PR7 xxx says:

What can I say? She was excellent! I was attempting my third and final go at the QTS numeracy skills test and constantly thinking <> The alternative had my stomach in knots.January and I worked through the skills test book and some online tests