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11+ Maths exams

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About 11+ Maths Exams

The Eleven plus or 11-plus exam is taken by students in their last year of primary school. It was once used throughout England and Wales but is now only used in some parts of England and in Northern Ireland. It determimes admission to grammar schools. There are around 150-200 grammar schools in England and about 70 in Northern Ireland.

The 11-plus for Grammar Schools is not to be confused with the Common Entrance at 11+ used by Independent Schools.

Eleven plus exams vary around the country but will use some or all of the following components:
  • Verbal reasoning (VR)
  • Non-Verbal reasoning (NVR)
  • Mathematics (MA)
  • English (EN)
These resources will help:

Students' Comments

Mr UM of SE15 xxx says:

Thomas was an amazing tutor and went out of his way to help our daughter with her maths. We would highly recommend him.
Mrs GK of B1 xxx says:

Extremely helpful and accommodating. Guy works at a pace that is comfortable for my son and he provides clear and easy to follow explanations of the various maths formulae. My son has now got back his enthusiasm and confidence for the subject. I just wish we had known to use Guy earlier.
Mr PN of NN2 xxx says:

Lovely lady and works really hard - she has made a huge difference to our daughters understanding of Maths.