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How We Work

From our website, each prospective student selects the tutors they would like to contact.

We then:
- send an email to the student. This email includes the tutors' contact details.
- send an email to the tutor who can who can then obtain the student's contact details online.

We do not charge the student.

Terms for Tutors

To become one of our tutors, you must hold a relevant degree or teaching qualification.

If you become one of our tutors, you can decide:
- your hours. Full time or part time. Daytime, evenings or week-ends.
- where you work. From your own home or at students' homes.
- your rates. How much you charge for lessons, travel and multiple students.

You will pay no fees. You will pay no joining fee, no commission and no annual fee.

Each month, you will tell us whether you are still available.

Within three days of receiving a student's details, you will update our website, saying whether you have contacted them, what was the outcome and when you will start teaching them.